Gafas y monturas personalizadas con pedrería y abalorios. Modelo Luna.


Montaje de gafas. Monturas y lentes

Based on this particular model and on a high prescription lens, a series of red crystal spheres has been placed along the front, following the top curve of the lens design. Different stones have been incrusted along the rim of the lens, amongst which are two different sizes of strass and crystal spheres, producing an effect in which the thickness of the lens is skilfully disguised. The design work is finished off with grooves and the application of colour along the top, nose and bottom part of the lens, achieving a perfect finish that irradiates light and joy.

O.D -1.50 cil -5.75 esf / O.I -0.50 cil -5.75 esf

Models adorned with stones and beading:

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